The start of Summer Semester 2017 brings the newest version of the Fresh Air Fitness Series to Michigan State University.

Although morning temps are still a bit cool, the early morning sun suggests summer is on its way.

We plan to offer three of the classes we have featured the past few years: 

Tai Chi in the Summer Circle Courtyard on Tuesday

We will use the Summer Circle Courtyard as the place to meet, stretch and connect;

Yoga in the Garden on Wednesdays

Under the Wisteria of the Entrance Pavilion we will use the benches as our place to meet, relax, stretch, and connect;

Pilates on the Green in the W J Beal Botanical Garden on Thursdays

On the Red Cedar River between the IM Circle and the Library we will meet to relax, breathe, stretch and connect.

In addition, we are introducing a new class option to this series: 

Mindful Mondays in the Engineering Courtyard

Come enjoy a moment of quiet reflection and learn how to more effectively direct your attention to the things that matter most.

Take time this summer to experience one, two, three or all four of these offerings in their unique outdoor classroom spaces. From beginners to individuals experienced in the featured fitness/mindfulness modalities, everyone is invited to participate.

Classes are offered at no charge. Registration is not required, but it is encouraged. If you have questions about any of the Fresh Air Fitness Series classes, please contact the Health4U Program at or 517-353-2596 or Recreation Sports and Fitness Services at 517-353-9663. 

The Fresh Air Fitness Series is sponsored by Recreation Sports and Fitness Services, the Health4U Program, the Horticulture Gardens, the Summer Circle Theatre, and the Beal Botanical Gardens.

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