Are you worried about Zika? Do we really have to worry about flu? Read on for some up-to–date, timely information on viral infections and health.

The very definition of umami.

The year-round fresh fruit.

Bartletts and so many more!

These garden jewels are lovely...and a bit challenging!

Discover the healing nature of self compassion

Regardless of your age, you can achieve your personal best when it comes to your health

How do you know if you have a problem with drinking?

Ready to Quit?

Breathe Easy, MSU's Tobacco & Nicotine Cessation Program, is here and available to you right now.

Healthy Email

Healthy Email

How do you know when a drug combination is the right one for you?

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Coaching and Counseling Services

Coaching and Counseling Services provides you with access to accurate health and lifestyle information, helping you to explore new behaviors and skills, and identifying useful campus and community resources.

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Departmental Services

The goal of department based services is to provide work units and colleagues the opportunity to learn about health and wellness as a group activity or exploration.  

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Health e-Guide

Your one stop resource for reliable medical information. Explore Health Topic information for specific health concerns. Interactive Tools uses your responses to questions to help with making medical decisions,  and Learning Centers can provide a more complete understanding of medical concerns.

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