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Use what can be easily found in your environment to help you relax.

Aerobic exercise is a cornerstone of physical wellness. Learn more about the function of the aerobic system and the role it plays in supporting good health.

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Upcoming sessions

Brody Square Demonstration Kitchen 12:10 PM - 12:50 PMThursdays $10.50 entrance fee to Brody Square. Buy your lunch with cash or a meal planRegister for this Session
  • September 13: Raspberries
  • October 11: Butternut Squash
  • November 15: Gochujang
  • December 13: Maitake Mushrooms

How to Eat: Fall 2018

118A, Linton Hall 12:10 PM - 12:50 PMWednesdayFreeRegister for this Session
  • October 3: Orientation
  • October 10: Session 1
  • October 17: Session 2
  • October 24: Session 3
  • October 31: Session 4
  • November 7: Session 5
  • November 14: Session 6
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Featured recipes

Chef’s recipe has layers of flavor beginning with roasting the tomatoes, and then adding Indian spices. You can use any kind of tomato for this sauce but it may need to be reduced (cooked longer) if you use beefsteak tomatoes rather than paste tomatoes.

Muhammara is a classic Levantine dip made with roasted red peppers and walnuts. Usually thickened with bread, Chef Kurt uses cooked red lentils instead. Use a food processor if you want a smooth texture. For more texture, use a mortar and pestle.

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Coaching and Counseling Services

Coaching and Counseling Services provides you with access to accurate health and lifestyle information, helping you to explore new behaviors and skills, and identifying useful campus and community resources.

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Departmental Services

The goal of department based services is to provide work units and colleagues the opportunity to learn about health and wellness as a group activity or exploration.  

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Health e-Guide

Your one stop resource for reliable medical information. Explore Health Topic information for specific health concerns. Interactive Tools uses your responses to questions to help with making medical decisions,  and Learning Centers can provide a more complete understanding of medical concerns.

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