The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

Episode 1 starts you on the journey of increasing your psychological flexibility.

Do 2 things before watching the video:    1) It will help to read the introductory paragraphs below before starting the video.  2) Scroll down to the bottom of this article and print out the PDF of the ACT Psychological Flexibility Measure  so you are ready to complete the assessment as instructed by the facilitator. 

Acceptance Commitment Theory (ACT) is sometimes referred to as The Psychological Flexibility Model.

The overall goal of ACT is to help you begin to notice how much time and mental energy you spend resisting what is. Most of us are in an active state of resistance much more than we realize, and this resistance can block our creative response to the problems and challenges that pop up on any given day. Instead of trying to control your circumstances or avoid difficult emotions ACT helps you accept what is and bring your full creative energy to responding to the challenge in a wise, value guided manner. According to author Russ Harris, ACT can be summarized in two sentences: It is what it is. Given that it is what it is, who do I want to be and how to I want to move forward?

Note: These videos are designed for you to watch in sequence, so please start with Episode 1.

Episode 1 of 7 - The ACT Psychological Flexibility Measure starts with you completing an assessment that will help you get a sense of how psychologically rigid or flexible you might currently be. This will allow you a way to measure your growth over time as you learn and practice the specific skills introduced in this series. This video also provides an overview of what psychological flexibility is and the 6 core skills of this model.

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ACT Psychological Flexibility Measure

Print out this ACT Psychological Flexibility Measure PDF so you are ready to complete the assessment as instructed by the facilitator.


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Episode 2 is focused on "waking up the witness" and increasing your ability to be aware of what you are creating with your psychological gifts and determining if what you are currently creating is lined up with your core values

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