The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

This video offers specific skills and strategies to help you navigate powerful emotions.

Note: The ACT video series is designed for the viewer to watch in sequence, so please start with Episode 1 and work your way through the series. Here are the links to each of the previous videos: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6

ACT Episode 7: Expansion Strategies - This episode further explores the importance of being able to experience and successfully navigate the full range of human emotions.  The viewer will be introduced to The Both/And Principle, a concept that is part of the foundation of social justice education.  Utilizing the both/and is critical to the development of emotional resilience and psychological flexibility.  

This episode also provides some imagery and tips designed to help you honor and release emotions, navigate urges and cravings, and regain your bearings after an upset.

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The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

ACT Episode 8: Value Guided Living

This video concludes the ACT series with a focus on clarifying your values so you are able to direct your time and energy towards value guided living.

The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

ACT Episode 6: Expansion and Acceptance

This episode illustrates that a life well lived is one that involves the full range of human emotions. Knowing how to experience and navigate big emotions is a key component of emotional resilience and psychological flexibility.

The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

ACT Episode 5: Connection

This episode introduces the skill of “Connection” which is an informal mindfulness practice. Shifting our attention to the here and now allows us to release our attachment to our current thought, making space for a brand new ones to come through.

The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

ACT Episode 4: Defusion Strategies

This video offers specific diffusion strategies for you to experiment with. Find the ones that are right for you….

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