What is coaching?

The goal of Health4U Coaching Services is to provide accurate health and lifestyle information, introduce new behaviors/skills, and identify useful campus and/or community resources, to support personal balance and increase work/life effectiveness.

Health4U Coaching Services offer the opportunity for faculty, staff, graduate student employees, retirees, and the spouses/partners of members of these groups to participate in confidential, individual sessions with a qualified health and lifestyle coach.

The coach and the client focus on the aspect of health and lifestyle that the client wants to learn more about, modify, or change.

The goal of Health4U Coaching Services is to assist each client by providing access to accurate health and lifestyle information, helping the client explore new behaviors/skills, and identifying useful campus and/or community resources.

Health4U Coaching is available in four focus areas: Emotional Wellness, Health Consumerism, Food and Nutrition, and Smoking/Tobacco Cessation.

Health4U Coaching Service is available in the following focus areas:


MSU faculty, staff, graduate student employees, retirees and their spouses/partners of members of these groups are eligible for coaching appointments in each of the focus areas.

To schedule a coaching appointment or request additional information, contact the Health4U Program by calling 517-353-2596 or by e-mail at health4U@msu.edu

Meet with a Health4U ANDI coach to explore your personal relationship with alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs.

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Health4U Emotional Wellness coaching is a way for you to work one-on-one with an Emotional Wellness coach to begin to enhance life satisfaction and personal well-being.

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Let’s you work one-on-one with a registered dietitian. A doctor’s referral is not required.

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MSU Moves is working with a number of campus partners to identify the best individualized, exercise testing, coaching and personalized training options for faculty and staff.       

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Health4U My Health Coaching offers holistic, one-on-one personal coaching in any area that affects your health or your interaction with the health care system.

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Coaching and Counseling Services

Coaching and Counseling Services provides you with access to accurate health and lifestyle information, helping you to explore new behaviors and skills, and identifying useful campus and community resources.

MSU community members eligible for coaching and counseling services include faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and retirees

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Departmental Services

The goal of department based services is to provide work units and colleagues the opportunity to learn about health and wellness as a group activity or exploration.  

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