Our media is constantly bombarding us with messages about "health" - what is healthy, what is unhealthy, how to enhance your health, remedies for when you are sick to return you to health, and on and on.  With so many messages, some of which are confusing or even contradicting, how do you sort out fact from fiction?

This section of our site is dedicated to helping you explore this concept of "health," providing you with the most up to date high quality, evidence-based research. We'll present articles that speak to health related topics that may be relevant to you or someone you care about.  They may be topics you've heard something about, or they may be new to you.  Or, they may even be health related concepts that you have been meaning to look into, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

This information is intended to be used in partnership with the your health care provider to maintain wellness, practice prevention and make the best health care decisions for you.

Sinuses and Michigan

If you live in Michigan long enough, you will most likely become very familiar with “sinus infections”. The two seem to go “mitten in mitten.”

Human Papillomavirus and Cancer

Regardless of your personal stance on vaccines, many people wonder why some vaccines are recommended or used. This article reviews Human Papillomavirus, the diseases it can cause, and reasoning behind considering this vaccine.

Antibiotic Treatment

Do I really have to take the antibiotics that long?

Belly Breathing for Better Health

Practice Belly breathing to help treat GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

New Shingles Vaccine

Don't get that shingles vaccine just yet, because a new and improved vaccine for shingles will be available in the next few months!

Kratom: Another Part of the Opiate Puzzle

Kratom: Natural, not necessarily nice. Potentially part of the problem.

Health Literacy

Females and Folic Acid

Folic acid for a healthy baby.

Health Literacy

Good to Know: Cholesterol

Take the confusion out of cholesterol

Pointsettias, candycanes, and Aunt Jane: First Aid for the Holidays

First Aid for the Holidays: Not your standard tips

fitbit ® Frenzy

Is wearable technology the “weigh” to weight loss?

Health Checkup


Are you conFLUzed? My whole family had the vaccine and we all got the flu!

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Coaching and Counseling Services

Coaching and Counseling Services provides you with access to accurate health and lifestyle information, helping you to explore new behaviors and skills, and identifying useful campus and community resources.

MSU community members eligible for coaching and counseling services include faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and retirees

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Departmental Services

The goal of department based services is to provide work units and colleagues the opportunity to learn about health and wellness as a group activity or exploration.  

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