Live monthly performances at Abrams Planetarium to help you relax during your busy day.

Music is powerful. It can heal. It can calm. It can change our mood. It can regenerate our body, mind and spirit.

The University Physician's Office, Health4U, Abrams Planetarium, and MSU Student Health Promotion and Prevention Services invite you to take an hour out of your month to listen and simply REST WITH MUSIC. 

We have put together this series of live musical performances at Abrams Planetarium to help you relax during your busy workday. 

Each month, we'll be presenting different musical styles, genres, and traditions for you to enjoy. So, come to listen, relax, reflect, and rest with music. 

REST with MUSIC happens at Abrams Planetarium, one Monday every month, from 12:10pm until 12:50pm. Please plan on arriving before the start of the performance, as the lights are sometimes low while the musicians are playing. 

Please note: Those arriving after 12:10 will be seated in between songs.

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Upcoming Classes

Rest with Music: Fall 2019

Abrams Planetarium12:10 PM - 12:50 PMMondayFreeRegister for this class
  • September 16: Ray Kamalay
  • October 21: Folias Duo
  • November 18: Creature of One

Rest with Music is open to anyone on campus and in the community! Pre-registration is encouraged, but not required.

Rest with Music: Spring 2010

Abrams Planetarium12:10 PM - 12:50 PMMondaysFreeRegister for this class
  • January 27: Drew Howard
  • February 17: Kate Peterson
  • March 16: The Further Adventures of FatBoy and JiveTurkey
  • April 20: Samuel Nalangira

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