Lets you work one-on-one with a registered dietitian. A doctor’s referral is not required.

To address your individual needs, schedule an initial session if you:

  • Want to explore how your lifestyle and eating habits may impact your health.
  • Have a medically-related nutrition concern such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, food allergies, or other diseases or conditions that may be affected by your food choices.
  • Want to improve your relationship with food and eating, and your body and weight.

What can you expect from food and nutrition counseling?

  • Initial appointment: This 60-minute exploratory session focuses on assessing your current situation with food as well as your life history that may be affecting how you eat. The dietitian will inquire about your health history and current health status.
  • Next sessions: The information from the initial appointment will help your dietitian collaborate with you to meet your unique needs: guiding you in food selection and preparation for your medical diagnosis; adapting the food you eat to the specific nutritional needs of your life stage; helping you resolve conflict and anxiety about weight and mend your relationship with food and eating; advising you on nutritional implications of diet changes or supplements you are considering.
  • Information discussed in your session is confidential. An office visit summary can be shared with your health care provider(s) upon your request.


MSU faculty, staff, graduate student employees, retirees and their spouses/partners of members of these groups are eligible for Food and Nutrition coaching. 

To schedule a coaching appointment or request additional information, contact the Health4U Program by calling 517-353-2596 or by e-mail at health4U@msu.edu. 

*Undergraduate students at MSU you are not eligible for nutrition counseling through the Health4U Program. All undergraduate students need to contact Student Health and Wellness Services at 517-353-4660 to schedule an appointment. 

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