At this time, Health4U will no longer be offering My Health Coaching. If you are interested in meeting with a mental health counselor instead, please contact the EAP at 517-355-4506 or If you are interested in other options, feel free to reach out to Health4U at

My Health coaching provides assistance with the following areas:

  • Effective interactions with the health system 
  • Effective interactions with your healthcare Provider(s) 
  • Understanding specific diseases or diagnosis 
  • Accessing reliable health web/print resources 
  • Exploring how your current lifestyle may impact your health 

Health4U My Health Coaching offers holistic, one-on-one personal coaching in any area that affects your health or your interaction with the health care system.

Coaching will provide you a chance to discuss medical concerns/conditions to gain insight into how these issues may affect you as a whole person, how you can manage medical conditions through self-care/lifestyle choices and informed interaction with the health care system. 

Coaching sessions can include:

  • Understanding and living with medical diagnosis/conditions; yours or that of a loved one. 
  • Finding, understanding, and using reliable health/medical information 
  • Understanding medications, medical testing, and treatment options 
  • Explore the risk/benefit of Complementary and Alternative Medicine options 
  • Understanding the positive/negative effects that lifestyle choices may have on existing medical conditions 
  • Communicating more effectively with your health provider 
  • Taking an active role in improving, protecting, and maintaining your health 

What can you expect from My Health Coaching?

Initial Appointment: This 60-minute session provides you with the opportunity to share your thoughts and concerns surrounding a health related condition or situation. Discussion will focus on increasing your insight and understanding of the identified condition. This session will encourage you to develop a personalized action plan for your health which includes a focus on self care, lifestyle choices, and thinking about how you can effectively interact with the healthcare system and healthcare providers. 

Follow-up coaching sessions: These 45 minute sessions will provide time for reflection on newly gained insights and understanding of the coaching topic as well further topic discussion. Additions or adjustments to your action plan will be reviewed. 

Next sessions: If after the first two coaching sessions you would like to continue talking with your coach you will be eligible for two additional Health Consumerism coaching appointments per year.

All information shared is kept confidential and will never be used for any other purpose beyond the individual relationship between you and your health consumerism coach.

Your My Health Coach

Health4U’s My Health coach is Bonnie Seaks P.A.-C, who is a licensed, certified Physician Assistant with over 25 years of clinical experience. In addition to her work with the Health4U program, Bonnie also currently works with MSU Occupational Health and MSU’s Travel Clinic.

Schedule a My Health coaching session by contacting Health4U.


MSU faculty, staff, graduate student employees, retirees and their spouses/partners of members of these groups are eligible for My Health Coaching.

To schedule a coaching appointment or request additional information, contact the Health4U Program by calling 517-353-2596 or by e-mail at

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