Offering MSU a safe, confidential way to take stock of individual drinking habits, using evidence-based data and validated tools to help you learn about how drinking could be affecting health, relationships, work, and life.

Thinking About Drinking is an educational website that was created by the University Physician’s Office, Health4U, and the Employee Assistance Program to identify drinking alcohol as both a health and wellness issue important to the entire MSU community, not just students. It’s just one of many health factors, including nutrition, exercise, tobacco use, and emotional health, which can affect health status, both in the long and the short term. So, it makes sense that we pay attention to our alcohol use – to really begin thinking about drinking.

We know what you’re thinking – this is a college campus, so a website devoted to alcohol use must have something to do with college kids, right? Well, actually, it’s interesting: 

  • Approximately two-thirds of all adults in America drink alcohol, and somewhere around 10 percent of them (that’s 10 million people) abuse it (Saitz, 2005).  
  • While it is true that the highest prevalence of both binge drinking and heavy drinking in the US is seen in young adults between 18 and 25 (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2001), middle aged people between 30 and 64 years are at the highest risk for lifetime alcohol abuse. So, we know that this isn’t just a potential problem for the students; it’s a health related issue for anyone who drinks. 

So, to that end, we thought that there needed to be some kind of dialogue going on around here about our drinking. And, just so you know (in case you were curious), we're not here to pass judgment or to assume we know it all. Rather, we know that many adults around this campus drink, and we also know that there's strong research that suggests that certain levels of drinking can cause significant problems for people. And, since we here at the University Physician's Office, the Employee Assistance Program, and Health4U already have programs about how we eat, how we move, our emotional well-being, and other health related topics, we thought it was time to put something together about how we use alcohol.

Curious? Intrigued? Wondering about what we're talking about? Great. We ask you to poke around the site for a while. Read more about what seems to be the level of drinking that places people at the lowest risks for alcohol related problems. Find out more about how drinking can affect your health (and just how much drinking it takes to do that). Fill out one of the free, confidential screening tools and learn more about your own drinking patterns.  

Just spend a little time Thinking About Drinking.


Thinking About Drinking

Acronyms and Sobriety

Acronyms that facilitate awareness in sobriety.

Thinking About Drinking

Being Aware "Just for Today"

Consider “Just for Today” and behavioral change.

Thinking About Drinking


Who supports the supporters?

Thinking About Drinking

Free Online Alcohol Screening for Alcohol Awareness Month

It's April, which means it's Alcohol Awareness Month. So, why not give an online screening a shot?

Thinking About Drinking

Worried about Someone Else's Drinking?

Do you have someone in your life who you worry might have a problem with alcohol? While you can't make them change, there are still ways that you can be helpful.

Thinking About Drinking

Do I Have a Problem with Alcohol?

How do you know if you have a problem with drinking?

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