Thinking About Drinking?

What are the health risks, anyway?

Any amount of drinking carries some risk with it, even when drinking within the recommended daily limits. If you drink more than those limits, you increase your risk for a whole host of potential health and social problems.

The health risks explored through Thinking about Drinking include: 

  • Immediate Health Risks. There are some immediate risks that are associated with heavier drinking, including injuries and violence. 
  • Long-Term Health Risks. Other risks involve more long-lasting and potentially permanent damage to various body systems, including the heart and liver. 
  • Psychological Risks. Drinking heavily over time also increases your risk for significant psychological and emotional problems, including depression and suicidal thoughts. 
  • Risks to Changes in One's Appearance. Not always given as much thought, but drinking really can change how you look physically. 
  • Risk of Dependency on Alcohol. Drinking more than the recommended limits regularly for a long period of time increases the likelihood that you could become physically dependent on alcohol, making it that much more difficult to quit if you decide you want to.

If you are thinking that this seems like a lengthy list of health risks, I would agree with you! But let's consider it as getting informed, as overwhelming as it may seem. To learn more about immediate and long-term health risks associated with drinking, please click here

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Thinking About Drinking?


If you drink too much for too long, you can become dependent, or physically addicted, to alcohol.

Thinking About Drinking?

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Thinking About Drinking?

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Thinking About Drinking?

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