We are living and working in daunting circumstances. Our work and home lives have merged together in layered and complicated ways as we all do our part to “flatten the curve” of the novel coronavirus.

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and move toward vaccination, re-engagement, and the unfolding of what comes next, we are sure to face uncertainty and on-going challenges. The Essential Skills Webinar series provides an opportunity to build emotional resilience and psychological flexibility skills to aid in the navigation of any work/life challenges you may be confronting now and in the future.

Participants will be introduced to 3 basic principles of healthy psychological functioning which can provide a new vantage poiint from which to live your life. This vantage point allows for increased self-awareness, increased access to your innate health and wellbeing, and increased capacity to interrupt conditional thought habits and reactive patterns that make it difficult to respond to life circumstances in a value-guided manner. The course will also assist participants in navigating burnout, low moods, and offer tips for metabolizing excessive stress. Skills learned in this webinar are equally applicable to your personal and professional lives. 

Come join this community of learners as we continue to indiviudally and collectively navigate these unprecedented times. 

Through lecture, chat, Q and A, and self-reflection participants will: 

• Learn basic operating instructions for your emotional guidance system.

• Embrace a 6-word resilience framework to help you move from upset to wise action. 

• Learn the difference between psychological rigidity and psychological flexibility. 

• Gain practical reset skills to help you center and steady yourself as you move through your day.

• Begin to exlore how systems of power and privilege impact and challenge a person's health and wellbeing based on the intersections of race, gender, class, disability, age, sexual orientation and other human differences.

• Claim core values you'll use to help guide you as you navigate whatever comes your way in this time of crisis and change. 

This live webinar is open to MSU Faculty, Staff, Graduate Assistants, Retirees and their spouses/partners.   


FOR BEST LEARNING, PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND ALL 8 SESSIONS. Sessions will be recorded in case you need to miss a session or are unable to attend the live webinars.

Webinar Support generously provided by: Megghan Honke, Michigan State University Extension.

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