The big 3 tuna canneries sell lots of canned tuna. And their prices are downright cheap. Why pay more?

In writing about canned tuna a couple of years ago, I found myself flummoxed by the difference in omega-3 fatty acid content of the various brands. The reason was surprising. The big 3 tuna canneries cook the tuna before it goes in the can. In doing so, the fish oils are collected and sold to omega-3 supplement manufacturers to put in pill form. Canneries that specialize in wild-caught tuna pack raw tuna into the cans so that it is only cooked once. In doing so, all of the fish oils remain in the can along with the tuna. 

I also conducted a taste test with Health4U staff members who did not know the brands they were tasting. Take a look at this table (download it from the column to the right) to see all the data from that non-scientific study.

Canned Tuna Comparison Chart

Check this out to help choose your next can of tuna.


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