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Guided imagery is exactly as the name suggests: someone guides you to use your imagination to help you return to your default setting of peacefulness, rather than using your imagination to freak yourself out. Most guided imagery offerings involve a kind, gentle voice and music that is designed to lower your heart rate and physiologically quiet the body and mind. Each imagery is slightly different as the guide invites you to picture different scenes and to invoke healing thoughts around the specific topic of that particular imagery, like grief, self-confidence, combating depression, and others.

At Health4U we highlight the work of Belleruth Naperstak, a social worker who is dedicated to helping people strengthen their relaxation response. If you would like to try one of her guided imagery offerings you can visit  Kaiser Permanente's health promotions website and listen to or download a guided imagery that speaks to the specific physical or emotional health need that you are addressing. 

You can also borrow a guided imagery CD from the Health4U library. 

If you would like to try guided imagery, consider attending one of the upcoming guided imagery sessions offered in partnership between Health4U and the Abrams Planetarium.

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