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Join us for an interactive conversation as we explore our experiences of re-engagement in work, personal, and civic life. Fall Semester 2021 will be another time of transition and change, which will demand much of us as we straddle returning to what's left of what was, while simultaneously creating what will become.

The new challenges that we are facing come after 14 months of what many experienced as emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. The burdents of the COVID-19 pandemic, a highly contentious election cycle, financial hardship, caregiving strain, home schooling, our social lives being uprooted, dramatic increases in anti-Asian hate crimes, and a national reckoning with the undeniable realities of systemic racism were just a few of the challenges we faced. Black, indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) were disproportionately impacted by both the COVID-19 virus and the centuries old virus of white supremacy. 

As we moved through the year, we were each shaped by what we were moving through, individually and collectively. We figured out how to cope the best we could. We developed a coping posture that we are now pretty used to. We got through somehow... And just as some of us found our rhythm, our way of being in it, everything is changing again. Moving forward in healthy, vibrant ways will require us to stretch out of our pandemic postures. Let's talk about this together. 

The Reflect & Connect session will give you the opportunity to reflect on the coping posture you took on during the pandemic. We will appreciate what was helpful about the way we coped, and we will celebrate our resilience. We will also take a look at how our current pandemic postures may need to shift and change to best prepare us for the transition back to work. We will explore the strategies for identifying and responding to "transition stress" and we will have the opportunity to reflect on and create our own "reconditioning plan" to support ourselves as we more fully emerge from our pandemic realities. 

Immediately following this Reflect & Connect session there will be a voluntary Chair Yoga session.

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