Guided imagery is a form of directed day-dreaming that relaxes the mind and engages the senses in the physical and emotional healing process.

Guided Imagery has been shown to alleviate pain, reduce depression and boost the immune system.

Guided imagery can be used by anyone for one or more of the following purposes: 

  • improve the quality of your sleep 
  • reduce your personal stress and anxiety and/or depression 
  • heal from past painful events/trauma/unhealthy relationship
  • improve your relationship with your own body/self image 
  • help you maintain balance and perspective as you move through change and life transitions 
  • provide a simple, portable means of relaxation 

Based on the work of Belleruth Naparstek this multi-session class provides an overview of guided imagery and explores the practical benefits of using guided imagery to support healing from stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma. Each session includes a 40 minute guided imagery exercise narrated by Belleruth and accompanied by music designed to calm and quiet your body. 

Guided imagery is a low cost, easy to use, self care practice. Take an active role in your health by learning to use this powerful healing tool.

  • Session 1: Introduction and General Wellness 
  • Session 2: Self-Confidence
  • Session 3: Relieve Stress
  • Session 4: Combating Depression
  • Session 5: Ease Grief
  • Session 6: Anger & Forgiveness 

Facilitated by: Arthur Cicalo III LMSW, CAADC, Consultant, Emotional Wellness Program

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