An Emotional Wellness blog by Lisa Laughman

Life can be interesting. On a regular basis we are faced with all kinds of challenges as we try to navigate the increasing demands of work and the common pressures of daily life. Most people have a lot on their plates to manage, take care of, and move through. It can be exhausting.

This blog is designed to help you increase your personal capacity to respond to work/life challenges from your very best self. Responding to life from your emotional health and wellbeing is far more effective than spending your time resisting and reacting to what life throws your way.

In the coming months I will share with you my own unique brand of emotional wellness education, sharing with you tidbits from 25 plus years of clinical social work practice. We will explore a variety of principles and theories that help to explain healthy human psychological functioning and illuminate the common barriers to emotional health that most people have never thought of before.

Please join me on this journey and learn how to relax, reflect, and effectively resolve the issues and problems an active life can naturally create.

- Lisa


Relax. Reflect. Resolve.

Accessing Creativity to Increase Work Effectiveness

Letting your processing mind rest can actually enhance the quality of your work.

Relax. Reflect. Resolve.

“There’s Always a Moped”

Use what can be easily found in your environment to help you relax.

Relax. Reflect. Resolve.

What’s up with your Inner Supervisor?

Having a harsh and critical "inner supervisor" can make it harder for you to be your best self both at home and at work.

Relax. Reflect. Resolve.

Conserving your Emotional Currency

Being mindful of how you spend your emotional energy can help you protect your physical and emotional health.

Relax. Reflect. Resolve.

What Matters Most at the Holidays?

Breaking your rules about how things “have to be done” for the holidays is the best gift you can give yourself and the people you love.

Relax. Reflect. Resolve.

"Easy, Little Bird"

Discover the healing nature of self compassion

Relax. Reflect. Resolve.

What To Do with a Low Mood

Low moods happen. What can we do about them?

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