The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

This episode explains how we get “fused” with our thinking and how dangerous it can be to take our thinking seriously. Learning how to “defuse” or unhook from your own thinking is an important part of developing your psychological flexibility.

Note: This series is designed for the viewer to watch in sequence, so please start with Episode 1 and Episode 2

Episode 3: Learning to Defuse Your Thinking

 This video starts with exploring how thoughts create our personal reality in a moment, and how fusion and defusion work. The video includes some practical skill building to help you create space between you and your strongly held thoughts so you are less impacted by them. The video also highlights how the way we are taught to control our thinking can actually make things worse. It is a simple truth that the harder you try not to think a thought, the more likely you are to stay stuck on that thought. The good news is, once you understand how thought works you will be more able, more often to relax out of the thought. By simply creating space between you and your thought, or giving your full sensory attention to something in the present moment, you allow your thinking to shift. 

After watching this episode feel free to visit The Happiness Trap website and access the free resources related to Acceptance Commitment Theory.

You might also appreciate this ted talk by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

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The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

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The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

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The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

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The Emotional Resilience Video Toolbox

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