What is Emotional Wellness?

We are all born with the capacity for emotional wellness. It is a gift of being human.

Emotional wellness is sometimes described as the innate human ability to be in a state of mind that is calm, relaxed, open, present, reflective, creative, and wise. Our emotional health is our emotional and psychological “default setting.” While we may not always operate from our emotional health, in any given moment we can notice we are struggling and can allow ourselves to return to a state of emotional health before proceeding. 

Emotional health is what allows us to be resilient and creative in response to the personal, interpersonal, and systemic challenges we face on a daily basis. Even when we experience extreme trauma, physical illness, microaggressions, oppression, or a significant loss, our capacity for emotional health remains intact. The core of our emotional health cannot be damaged or taken from us by other people, circumstances, or systems of oppression. 

When we are accessing our emotional health we are connected to a flow of positive, healing energy and we can use this good energy to take positive actions that are lined up with our core values. The more we know about how our emotional wellness operates, the more we can intentionally access it when we need it most.

The articles in this section will speak to this emotional wellness, allowing you the chance to dig into what exactly this means and how to engage it more readily in your everyday life.


Emotional Wellness

Now is the Time for Increasing Our Psychological Flexibility

In a strange and confusing time, these strategies and resources can help you be in the present, open up, and do what matters.

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Emotional Wellness

Take Care of Yourself on National _________ Day!

National holidays give you a great excuse for some fun self care.

Creative Idleness
Emotional Wellness

Creative Idleness

Tips for increasing Creative Idleness in your day to day life

So many books!  How to choose!?
Emotional Wellness

Parenting Self-Help Books That Might Actually Help!

With so many parenting self-help books to choose from, it's sometimes hard to know which ones will actually help! One of our Emotional Wellness consultants provides you with a list that he recommends to his clients to get you started.

Thank you
Emotional Wellness

Be Grateful and Be Healthy

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, take a moment to learn about why expressing gratitude can make you healthier!

The Seven Tasks of Adolescence: Task 5 - Planning for the Future
Emotional Wellness

The Seven Tasks of Adolescence: Task 5 - Planning for the Future

As our kids get older, we start to expect that they’ll begin to become more involved in the planning and construction of their own future. So, why are so many teens so resistant to our help?

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Emotional Wellness

Avoid the Avoidance Cycle

How to recognize the powerful pull of avoidance so that you can find ways around it.

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Emotional Wellness

The Seven Tasks of Adolescence: Task 4 - Contending with Adult Authority

What do we do when our teens start to realize the scary truth that adults are just humans with failings, and that they maybe don’t have to believe everything that they have been told?

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Emotional Wellness

The Seven Tasks of Adolescence: Task 3 - Harnessing Emotions

How to weather the emotional storms of your teenager... without losing your cool!

Emotional Wellness

6 Tips 6 Hours a Week to a Stronger Relationship

Check out these 6 tips for improving your relationship!

Joining a Tribe
Emotional Wellness

The Seven Tasks of Adolescence: Task 2 - Joining a New Tribe

As teens begin to loosen their ties to their family, they begin the sometimes stressful process of figuring out who their people are.

Emotional Wellness

How Was Your Day?

7 Tips for a supportive end-of-day conversation.

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