Trusting yourself and enjoying food are sure-fire ways of eating well.

Eat this, not that. Fat is bad for you. Sugar is bad for you. A serving is the size of your fist. Cleanses. Fasts. Clean eating. When to eat, what to eat, how much to eat. Nutrition advice is everywhere. Most of it is aimed at getting us to eat less than we desire. 

No wonder there is so much anxiety about food and nutrition. The shoulds and oughts get in the way of our natural abilities to eat well. 

There is a better way. Ample evidence suggests that people who eat in a positive and orderly way do better with many health parameters. 

The articles you find here will include explanations of studies, both old and new, for you to consider as you ponder what it means to eat well. 


Coffee is controversial but it needn’t be. You’ve probably heard the good, the bad, and the ugly about this popular drink. Read this to help sort out the truth about coffee!

A shift in thinking is what it takes to enjoy the good eats that surround us each and every holiday.

We hear so much about food as an addiction. But how can it be when food is necessary to support life?

Toddlers are pretty wise when it comes to eating. We could learn a thing or two.

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