Trusting yourself and enjoying food are sure-fire ways of eating well.

Eat this, not that. Fat is bad for you. Sugar is bad for you. A serving is the size of your fist. Cleanses. Fasts. Clean eating. When to eat, what to eat, how much to eat. Nutrition advice is everywhere. Most of it is aimed at getting us to eat less than we desire. 

No wonder there is so much anxiety about food and nutrition. The shoulds and oughts get in the way of our natural abilities to eat well. 

There is a better way. Ample evidence suggests that people who eat in a positive and orderly way do better with many health parameters. 

The articles you find here will include explanations of studies, both old and new, for you to consider as you ponder what it means to eat well. 


Eating for well-being

Christmas Tree Spinach Dip Breadsticks

Enjoy this creative spinach dip and breadstick creation this holiday season!

Eating for well-being

Festive Pomegranate Guacamole

Enjoy this colorful take on guacamole with a splash of tart from the pomegranates.

Eating for well-being

Vegetarian Taco Salad

This recipe was demonstrated in the 2022 Well-being Wednesday Series with the Worklife office. This is a nice reacipe to use your fall garden greens.

Eating for well-being

Monster Cookies

Make these delicious cookies to enjoy with a glass of milk for an after-school snack or dessert with lunch or dinner.

Eating for well-being

Vanilla espresso Energy Bites

Make these delicious energy bites and enjoy them as a quick burst of fuel in the morning or afternoon.

Eating for well-being

Fry Bread with Wojapi

Wojapi is a traditional Native American berry sauce cooked down to a thick jelly or pudding consistency. This sauce is delicious over Fry Bread or a nice dressing over turkey, chicken or pork.

Eating for well-being

Wild Rice Pilaf

This side dish was one of two dishes created for our Great Lakes Indigenous Food cooking demonstration. Wild rice has a long history in the Great Lakes region. Enjoy this flavorful yet simple recipe with the Braised Buffalo!

Eating for well-being

Beans, Corn & Squash

This recipe was used as a second side dish in our Great Lakes Indigenous Foods cooking demonstration. The dish includes 4 simple ingredients and goes a long way! We originally paired it with the Braised Buffalo, but it also makes a great leftover lunch.

Eating for well-being

Corn Cakes with White Bean Spread

Enjoy Chef Rob Trufant's take on corn cakes providing a vessel for white beans and smoked salmon. This recipe comes from a demonstration focused on Great Lakes Indigenous Foods. Enjoys these as an appetizer or as a main dish served with salad.

Eating for well-being

Braised Buffalo with Pan Sauce

This buffalo recipe was a part of a program exploring North American Cuisine with a focus on Great Lakes Indigenous Foods. Enjoy this hearty entree along with Beans, Corn & Squash and Wild Rice Pilaf.

Eating for well-being

Ayesh al Saraya

Chef Rob Trufant created this recipe to share as part of an international cooking demonstration. Enjoy this Lebanese inspired sweet dessert!

Eating for well-being

Chicken Biryani

Chef Rob Trufant created this recipe to share as part of an international cooking demonstration. Enjoy his take on this traditional dish from India!


Eating for well-being

The weight is over: How to leave office ‘weight talk’ in the past

Return to the office with simple strategies to resist weight and body image concerns.

Eating for well-being

Focused Eating in a World of Distraction

Finding a quiet moment in a world of technology is difficult. Distractions are at the touch of a button. Review Abby's suggestions to help you pay attention and enjoy your meals and snacks.

Eating for well-being

It's a 2020 Thanksgiving - Enjoy It!

Yes, Thanksgiving might look different this year. It’s time to make the most of it and share thanks with those in your “bubble.” Here are some tips to perk up your day and share your best with those you’ve been blessed to join you in giving Thanks.

Eating for well-being

Eating Well in the Midst of Plenty

Learn to trust yourself even when there's lots of food around.

Eating for well-being

Look North for Joy in Dietary Advice

O Canada, you're the latest to acknowledge that pleasure in eating is not only okay, but important! You have left US behind.

Eating for well-being

Clean is the New Healthy

"Eat this not that" summarizes most every diet and food rule. Turns out, that's NOT helpful in learning to eat better. Listen to this podcast by Jennifer Harris, registered dietitian and eating disorder specialist.

Eating for well-being

Are meals worth the trouble?

“There is considerable peace and comfort in knowing you are going to be fed.”—Ellyn Satter

Eating for well-being

The Scoop on Coffee

Coffee is controversial but it needn’t be. You’ve probably heard the good, the bad, and the ugly about this popular drink. Read this to help sort out the truth about coffee!

Eating for well-being

Season's Eatings

A shift in thinking is what it takes to enjoy the good eats that surround us each and every holiday.

Eating for well-being

Food Addiction: Is it a real thing?

We hear so much about food as an addiction. But how can it be when food is necessary to support life?

Eating for well-being

Learning From a Toddler

Toddlers are pretty wise when it comes to eating. We could learn a thing or two.

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