Enjoy browsing through some of our favorite recipes and getting a snippet from each of us. You might enjoy one of these delicious holiday favorites with your family and friends this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

I love hearing about family recipes – the good, the bad AND the ugly. It seems there is always a story or memory that goes with each one. Sometimes it’s a good story or a memory or it can also be a not so good story. Whether it is good or bad, it’s fascinating to hear other’s memories from holiday meals with family or friends. This Thanksgiving I’m sharing our staff members’ recipes with the MSU community. I asked each Health4U staff member for their holiday favorites and many (without me asking) shared just a small bit of what the recipe meant to them. I loved it, and it confirmed my thought about family recipes and stories! We can’t be together as a department to talk about the holidays, but this gave me a glimpse into my colleagues’ holiday meals, and I hope it does the same for you too.


Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Arthur Cialo III’s Breakfast Bake

“It’s good for Xmas AM and it’s easy.”

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Abby Richey’s Family Chocolate Cream Pie

"I think back to memories of making my grandmother's chocolate pie with her and can’t help but admire how much effort she put into this dessert to make it for our family. Her love language was often through food – she loved us very much!”

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Beth Morris’s Key Lime Pie

"I use the recipe card that my aunt had handwritten for me. My mom and aunts refer to everything as ‘the family secret recipe’ so I thought my aunt had made up her own. Turns out, NOPE. She uses Nellie & Joe’s recipe found on the lime juice bottle!"

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Kathleen Jager’s Apple Bread

"No shock to anyone here, I suppose, that I really do not like Thanksgiving dinner … except for the bread and the pop tarts and coffee that I may have for breakfast, but sadly Kellogg’s has not shared their recipe with me YET!

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Nancy Allen’s Cranberry Orange Relish

“This first recipe is my Mom’s Orange-Cranberry Relish recipe. It was passed down to her by her mother, who received it from her mother, my mom’s Grandmother. I think of all of them when I prepare this simple, traditional, cherished holiday recipe.”

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Nancy Allen’s Sweet Potato Casserole

“This Sweet Potato Casserole recipe was shared with me by my sister-in-law Sue Allen. It has been a cherished recipe in her family. My family, especially John, Brandi & Jenna, loved it so much it became one of our "must have" holiday recipes.”

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

TJ Hall’s Vegan Mashed Potatoes

"We tend to have the standards (potatoes, veggies, rolls, etc.), just made with plant-based ingredients. With lots of veggie and starch options, I think Thanksgiving is pretty easy to veganize.”

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Lisa Laughman’s Sweet Potatoes

“Ok, mine’s weird but just thinking about it makes me miss my mom.”

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

TJ Hall's Plant Based Thanksgiving Entree

“Our holiday menu is fairly standard, but since we’re plant-based we always opt for a meatless ‘roast’ instead of turkey or ham. Field Roast and Gardein are two brands that I’ve had over the years, and both are quite tasty. "

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