Planning a meal or event? Here's where you'll find information and recipes from Culinary Cooking and Concepts events.

Our theme-based menus offer three courses and beverage with sit-down table service. Chef John Findley and his staff of chefs are the main speakers for the events. They share their culinary skills and answer your questions making it possible for you to prepare the recipes at home. Abby Richey plans the events around food and nutrition concepts with an emphasis on enjoyment as the main ingredient.


Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Chicken Pot Pie

Enjoy this warm and savory chicken pot pie on a cool day!

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

Enjoy this creamy chicken soup on a cold winter's day.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Classic Beef Stew

Chef John's Hearthy Beef Stew is a simple recipe to make wtih a lot of flavor.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Seafood Jambalaya

Chef John's take on a spicey creole favorite.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Harvest Salad

Chef John's hearty salad is a delicious combination of crisp greens, sweet apples and salty cheese. Top this salad off with his tangy Apple Vinaigrette or any salad dressing you have at home.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Apple Vinaigrette

The Apple Vinaigrette is paired well with Chef John's Harvest Salad. This tangy dressing can be created quickly in a blender and stored for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Acorn Squash with Root Vegetable Risotto

Acorn squash is a unique fall vegetable that can offer a bit of sweetness to savory dishes. It pairs nicely as the base for this flavorful Root Vegetable Risotto

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Baked Chicken Thigh with Bourbon-Maple Drizzle

This bourbon-maple reduction tops off lightly seasoned chicken thighs for a tasty dinner entree.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Squash Medley

This colorful medley of fresh vegetables makes for an easy, flavorful side dish.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Classic Fall Pumpkin Cake

A must try for those who love pumpkin desserts! Top this cake with Chef Kate's Cream Cheese Frosting.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Cream Cheese Frosting

This scrumptious cream cheese frosting would be great on a variety of cakes - carrot, red velvet and more! Check out Chef Kate's Pumpkin Cake for the perfect match.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

UClub Pumpkin Pie

Traditional pumpkin pie - warm spices, smooth, and delicious.


Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Holiday Cooking: How to Stress Less and Enjoy More

Chef John Findley and Chef Katie Cowsert shared their expertise--and recipes--on cooking for a crowd. While you're not likely to have 800 guests (like the UClub), their advice will help you manage your small crowd.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

A Trio of Chefs for the Holidays

Create three part harmony for your next holiday gathering

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Holiday Table Art

Charmingly simple centerpieces for your holiday party

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