Having regular and reliable meals is a great way of providing good nutrition for health and wellness.   Planning for enjoyable food makes meals or snacks pleasurable and trying a new recipe can help add variety to repetitive meals. 

Check out the Health4U recipe collections featuring MSU chefs and Health4U staff members to help spice up your routine!


Please feel free to use these recipes and to share with family and friends. If you share them on-line or publish them in any way, please follow these guidelines:

  1. If you’re adapting someone else’s recipe, begin with a short note of the goal and what you looked for, perhaps something you changed and why. Then give credit to the person who you got it from: "Recipe adapted from ___________" and give a link to the original source.
  2. If you used someone else’s recipe for inspiration, but changed it substantially and the product is somewhat similar to the published recipe, give credit to the original by saying, " This recipe by (me) was inspired by ____________. The original recipe can be found here." and give a link to the original recipe.
  3.  If you change the ingredients substantially or completely came up with the product on your own; and you write directions in your own words for how you prepared it, the recipe is your own and you should claim it.
Eating for well-being

Chicken Biryani

Chef Rob Trufant created this recipe to share as part of an international cooking demonstration. Enjoy his take on this traditional dish from India!

Eating for well-being

Ayesh al Saraya

Chef Rob Trufant created this recipe to share as part of an international cooking demonstration. Enjoy this Lebanese inspired sweet dessert!

Grilled Sweet Potato Starter
Eating for well-being

Grilled Sweet Potato Starter

Michigan provides an abundance of local produce. Summer grilling is a seasonal way to use those locally grown items. Enjoy Kellogg Catering Chef Rob Trufant’s take on Grilled Sweet Potatoes!

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Seafood Jambalaya

Chef John's take on a spicey creole favorite.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Classic Beef Stew

Chef John's Hearthy Beef Stew is a simple recipe to make wtih a lot of flavor.

Culinary Cooking and Concepts

Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

Enjoy this creamy chicken soup on a cold winter's day.

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Jon Novello’s Pumpkin Dip

"Super easy and makes for an amazing pre- and post-meal treat. We usually make it early and then refrigerate it, and then bring it out when we are all in the kitchen cooking the big meal. It’s just yummy and fun to snack on while everyone is together."

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Annie Grieg’s Holiday Crab Dip

“I’m a sucker for a super creamy dip at the holidays (and appetizers in general!) Crab makes me feel like it’s a special occasion, lol.”

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

TJ Hall's Plant Based Thanksgiving Entree

“Our holiday menu is fairly standard, but since we’re plant-based we always opt for a meatless ‘roast’ instead of turkey or ham. Field Roast and Gardein are two brands that I’ve had over the years, and both are quite tasty. "

Health4U Staff Thanksgiving Favorites

Lisa Laughman’s Sweet Potatoes

“Ok, mine’s weird but just thinking about it makes me miss my mom.”

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