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TJ serves as Program Consultant for 'MSU Moves', a sub-initiative of the MSU Health4U Program. His work as a health educator focuses on promoting physical activity as an everyday lifestyle practice that anyone can adopt to improve overall health. His goal with MSU Moves is to facilitate programming, resources, and advocacy for Spartan employees and OEI's seeking to improve their health through movement.


This three session course will focus on strategies to embrace rather than dread the winter months ahead. Join us for 1 or all 3 sessions!

These free group-exercise classes are a great way to getting active during the workday while enjoying the sights and sounds of MSU’s campus.

Engage in physical activity during winter months. Improve efficiency of movement while running/walking with the Good Form System. Build community through the shared experience of movement.

Improve efficiency of movement while running/walking. Injury avoidance practices.

Identify common ergonomic stressors in the workplace. Learn strategies to avoid injury. Best practices for an ergonomically-friendly workspace.

When's the last time you visited The MSU Museum?

Stretching and strengthening concepts that can be applied at home or in the workplace. Promotion of physical activity during the workday. Improved anatomical awareness.

Discuss the physiological importance of sleep. Identify the purpose of sleep for the body/mind. Describe the elements of good “sleep hygiene” and why consistency is the key in developing good sleep habits and preventing many sleep-related issues.

Best practices for physical activity in the workplace. Developing a culture of movement

Rest with Music returns to Abram's Planetarium for Fall 2023 – Summer 2024!

Encourage the MSU community to take a break. Provide an educational and physically engaging activity. Explore MSU’s parklike campus.

Exploring effective strategies for time management. Improve skills that may help reduce strain related to task accomplishment and time constraints.

Identify common ergonomic stressors in the workplace. Learn strategies to avoid injury. Best practices for an ergonomically-friendly workspace.

The Health4U Program and WorkLife Office are partnering to bring you Wellbeing Wednesdays!


Move @ Work

Work a Desk Job? Watch Your Back: How to avoid pain and set yourself up for success

If you spend lots of time sitting at work, take steps to protect yourself from pain and discomfort with these practical tips

Science of Movement

Want a better night’s sleep? Get Moving!

The connection between exercise and sleep is very real. This article examines current research, and how your everyday activities may be influencing sleep patterns.

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Food and Nutrition Counseling Services provides you with access to accurate health and lifestyle information, helping you to explore new behaviors and skills, and identifying useful campus and community resources.

MSU community members eligible for food and nutrition counseling services include faculty, staff, graduate assistants, retirees and the spouses/partners of members of these groups.

To schedule an appointment with Health4U you are not required to email us from your MSU email address; please email us from the email address you are most comfortable with. 

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The goal of department based services is to provide work units and colleagues the opportunity to learn about health and wellness as a group activity or exploration.  

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